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'Remainers' that then refused to allow any other direct consultation of the UKs membership of the EC/EU for 41 years.

There wasn't anything like a national movement looking for a new referendum for most of that time, not even during Major's Maastricht troubles. Sir Jammy Fishpaste's Referendum Party wasn't founded until 1994 and promptly fell apart after Goldsmith failed to get elected in 1997. It took UKIP a dozen more years to gain any sort of impact (except within the racist, nutter and fruitcake sector of society, of course), and even then they never managed to get their leader elected to Parliament.

There was little to refuse until Cameron got scared about a handful of defections from the Bastard Wing of his party and stupidly gave in to his fears. And now look where we are. Still, never mind. It's keeping Putin happy.

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