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"that as a country we seriously think our farty little island can really negotiate a better deal than at present."

The entire delusion of Brexit was that of those who still believe- or would have others believe- that Britain (and the rest of the world) is still in much the same position that it was in the days of Empire- that it had the ability to unilaterally dictate what it wanted and to expect to get it.

It's been said of such people that what they are really after- and think they still have- is the right (and ability) they once had to Command.

It's such thinking that has led to the mentality that the EU was going to have to roll over and give Britain what it wanted, that any refusal would be worse for them than it was for the UK. That any trade agreement with the US would be one of equals. And so on, and on.

All this is bullshit, and has been obviously so since Britain's decline first hit the fan at the time of the Suez Crisis over sixty years ago.

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