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You mean like those that might have retired to the Sunshine and have their healthcare managed by the the new host country but their pension and all their documentation managed by their originating country ... that they paid INTO all their working lives, yet take little out (directly) in their latter years? I'd sure as-fu*k be interested in the stupid tax laws our crooked Tories are rustling up that might affect that pension pot I filled throughout my working-in-the-UK years.

Apparently there is ~1m Brits living in the EU long-term, who, many are of the age where health care is an expensive exploit ...maybe they might start heading home to gain access to their TAX-PAID-FOR health service that is the NHS now they are being cut off from both decisions and homeland services.... We have lots of spare geriatric NHS care, and tonnes of empty houses for them dont we?

Anyone who ever studied history, especially the WW2 period, where being German and visiting/resident in another European country became somewhat of a hazard for many - so yes you do have some 'concerns' on the impacts of the stupid you left behind steering the ship. You leave some of the twats we have in the UK voting today to make the decisions, you'll see fascism rise again - and we all know how well that turns out.

Maybe you can suggest, also anyone away on holiday during any election also give away their rights? Or maybe anyone who is asleep cant vote too? Now I knew there was a reason for postal-votes, other than to let the lazy vote...

So even though it has no effect on me, it was a disgrace that those the most affected by the vote-of-a-life-time (you know the one with crooks financing it, telling lies like no tomorrow) were excluded .... it was like deciding if gay-marriage should be allowed, but excluding anyone who was gay from voting.

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