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There are more than enough people (including leavers) who will tell you very loudly that leaving without a deal will be disastrous.

Yes, there are, but almost all of those people simply don't understand international finance or trade. That's why they have the view they have. Ignorance, in a word.

Trade won't stop because we leave without a deal, which is what most of the idocracy believe. Trade deals follow trade, not the other way around. You can still get your Coke, McDonalds & Levi's, and yet we've no deal with America.

I just see this whole thing as in incredible display of hubris, that as a country we seriously think our farty little island can really negotiate a better deal than at present

We could and should have got a much better deal. Unfortuantely, sending someone to negotiate leaving the EU who is afraid of leaving the EU, was never going to produce a good deal.

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