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Yes I agree democracy is the will of the majority, with a consensus and considering minorities. That's precisely why a no deal Brexit is a terrible idea.

At the moment there is uncertainty and insufficient time to put suitable systems in place to cope with a hard Brexit, regardless of your opinion on leave/remain (this isn't a matter for debate : suitable systems to cope with customs properly etc will not be ready in time).

We have disagreements with the government and pharmaceutical companies about the necessity of stockpiling drugs, and not all drugs can be stockpiled. Without agreements people will die.

The only sensible courses of action are to extend the transition period or effectively remain in the customs union (either actually or by guaranteeing legislative parity for a defined period) until such deals are in place that there will be no dramatic fallout. That doesn't necessary mean the new deals will be more beneficial than the old ones, but it might at least guarantee the effects will not be sudden.

The systems, supply chain, and legislation in place are incredibly complex. Doing it right is more important than doing it quickly.

Personally I think that if we leave we'll still have long term damage that will take decades to fix, but the first priority is to limit immediate, possibly catastrophic damage.

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