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"Democracy is about representative government"

Not correct.

Representative government is (if implemented correctly) a form of democracy, but Democracy does not require representative government.

A society where every decision is resolved by ballot of all members of that society is a non-representative democracy, and in fact a truer democracy, since every member of that society gets to express their own specific view on every decision.

In practice, such a system seems impractical for any but the smallest groupings, hence representative democracy is generally accepted as the most practical solution.

In a representative (parliamentary) democracy, parliament is sovereign because it wields sovereign power (the 'parliamentary' bit of parliamentary democracy), but the sovereign power comes from the people, not the representatives (the 'democracy' bit).

If a parliament composed of the peoples' representatives is ever stupid enough to ask the people a direct question, then they cease to be representatives and, for that issue only, become ciphers, with no authority to exercise sovereign power other than as instructed by the people from whom that power originates.

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