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Democracy is about representative government

Err.. no. *Representative" Democray is that - democracy per-se is about 'rule by the people' ('demos' being the Greek work for people..).

In Ancient Greek that was done by having large meeting of all the free citizens (ie - adult non-slave males who were citizens of that city - no women, foreigners or slave allowed) where a direct vote would be taken.

Since that's pretty much impossible for anything bigger than an Ancient Greek city, representative democracy was born where those eligible to vote elect others to represent them on the premise that those elected would accurately reflect the wishes and opinions of those electing them.

Then political parties were invented and it became more important to reflect that the party wanted than the direct wishes of those who elected you. So we get to the current absurd situation where MP's from areas that voted Remain are still required to reflect the wishes of their party/faction leader rather than the wishes of the electorate in their constituency. I'd have a *lot* more respect for MPs if they grew a backbone and tried that, rather than blindly followed the party whips in the hope that they'll move up the ranks.

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