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A transition period is in many ways even worse than a hard brexit.

All the companies have to assume we are going to have a hard brexit.. and that means moving many HQ functions to the continent. So it may not matter at the end if we have Brexit or not, we got that huge, long term, economic damage, as the well paid jobs will follow the HQs.

Then we have new investment. Investing in the UK right now is quite expensive, as you have a risk scenario.

So whatever we do, we should do as quick as possible.

As for democratic or not.. this is the very definition of UNdemocratic.

You see, democracy should not be the tyranny of the majority, supposedly it is the will of the majority, but with a consensus and considering minorities.

If the vote proved anything, is that we have no consensus. We are divided, so it is no wonder that the MPs cant agree, it was to be expected!

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