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Phil, I agree on most of that....

"Free trade brings peace, empire-building politicians do not."

Yes, which is why I suggest one of the ways to 'fix' EU is more powers to parliament rather than commission. The major strength of the EU is in simplifying day-to-day living and business (ie economic rather than political integration). The grand plans to make a Europe-wide superstate are as stupid now as they were in the time of Napoleon.

"Migration needs to be tackled at source, before people leave their homes, not after arrival in Europe when it's too late"

Unfortunately not too much that the EU as a whole or any European country can do about that one. A lot of African / middle eastern countries are in a mess. This can't be forcibly fixed from the outside (vide Iraq, Libya etc) and can't be fixed by foreign aid that is easy for corrupt regimes to appropriate and/or is tied to strings attached such as use for buying stuff (including weapons) from the 'donating' country*. Also a lot of people are fleeing famine related to climate change that has to be tackled on a global basis and anyway won't have any quick fixes.

So in any case there will be a flow of refugees, and the EU needs to be able to welcome them humanely and integrate them as productive and contributive elements of society. Ghettoisation doesn't work. Racism is a big problem in this respect. For example there are huge Italian communities in Germany from migrant workers in the 50s and 60s but they are now 2nd or 3rd generation integrated and white. The Turks in Germany who arrived around the same time and in the same numbers are still treated much more as outsiders.

*Incidentally, this is really a form of state aid to their local businesses that the EU should step in to stop

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