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Hmm are referendums democratic?

Democracy is about representative government.

Referendums arguably move the decision making away from representatives to people.

A representative (assuming they were voted in for qualities of leadership) would be arguably making decisions that are unlikely to be assuaged by knee jerk fear, lies and would be in a better position to balance the pros and cons out.

A referendum perhaps makes sense to change how the representative government itself is chosen - I get the first past the post vote being a referendum.

This I do not get. For something that is so complex in how it affects so many areas in direct and indirect ways, how can the question be posed to the general public?

What is populist is not always the right or correct thing - there is a difference between the two.

Would you have the decision for your medical treatment put out to a referendum? No you would at best put out the choice of the doctor to a referendum.

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