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There are more than enough people (including leavers) who will tell you very loudly that leaving without a deal will be disastrous.

Whilst I agree that we're generally heading to a no deal brexit with far too much speed, that a second referendum is not an immediately reasonable idea, and that if it is run it has to have a notable majority in order to be seen as valid neither do I agree a no deal is the best option or that it's a foregone conclusion.

'Once in lifetime' deals never are. Democracy can change things, and the reason Brexit is causing so much strife is because the vote is so close. This will happen repeatedly, whatever the result, until public opinion shifts far enough that the minority side are no longer news.

The only reason Scots IndyRef isn't resurfacing is because the SNP know there isn't yet enough public support. When Brexit worsens things for Scotland, expect that to change rapidly.

What *should* happen (have happened two years ago) is an extension to the transition period, and a government of national unity to sort brexit out properly. However, the general populace voted overwhelmingly against AV two referenda ago, so that's out.

So, we'll probably extend the transition period a bit, then either end up in something suspiciously close to Mrs May's deal/a customs union member without power, and bump along like that for years before deciding to go back into the EU.

I just see this whole thing as in incredible display of hubris, that as a country we seriously think our farty little island can really negotiate a better deal than at present. New deals will mean compromises, and many of the conditions won't be to the country's benefit.

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