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but what happens if a re-vote resulted in Remain? Should the Brexiteers be entitled to a best-of-three re-re-do?

That's one of the three fundamental problems with another referendum.

Lets say remain win. All the guarantees is another vote later. It would be impossible not to go to at least a best of three situation.

Lets say Leave won again. Now what? What did the referendum part 2 achieve other than loss of trust and faith from the elctorate. We'd be where we are now. So what is remainers plan for that eventuality? Do we then accept the deal or do we leave without one? And why not just do whatever that is with the result we already have? Further, given the carping about the majority Leave won by, any sensible proposal for another referendum would have to set a hurdle of say 2/3rds of voters in order to change course - that course being leaving the EU in March 2019. A simple one vote majority won't dfo because remainers refused to accept it.

The third problem is that a once in a lifetime referendum cannot be refought a few short years later. Scots IndyRef is a done deal. Leaving the EU is also a done deal. The people decided. The losing side carping that the winning side didn't know what they were voting for, when the exact opposite is the case, is not remotely sufficient to throw democracy under a bus. Almost all remainers I know are preparing to vote leave in any re-run because they understand that there oculd never be democratic legitimacy for anything else.

Staying in, whether via another referendum or by simply stealing Brexit, is a unicorn that needs to be slaughtered. ALL our focus now needs to be on how we leave - which deal is actually better no deal, or May's deal. Given the attempts to annex NI and Gibraltar that the deal brings to the fore, my view is we should leave with no deal and negotiate a trade deal thereafter.

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