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"If we leave without it being very visible painful for us then it opens the floodgates for other countries to leave. And lets be realistic, there are other countries that would be better off out of it"

I think one of the problems with the EU is that it's very real benefits founded on lasting peace and on freedom of movement of goods, services and people has become so intrinsic and basic to Europe a to be taken for granted. These are not some small fringe benefits, they are major drivers of the prosperity of Western Europe. People arguing for their country to leave the EU either do not understand how much benefits they are getting from the EU, or are willfully ignoring them in favour of straw bogeymen they have built up.

Anti-EU advocates in many nations talk a lot of bollocks about sovereignty and immigration, but you know what? The sovereignty of your parliamentary representatives is already bought and paid for by corporate lobbyists. The EU on the other hand has shown itself much more willing than individual national parliaments to stand up to corporate bullying. You want more sovereignty? Then push for the EU powers to be passed from the unelected EU commission to the elected EU parliament. Leaving won't solve anything.

And regarding immigration, do you think that being out of the EU will change (a) the need for foreign workers in countries where the population of natives is dwindling and aging (which is all the countries in the EU!) or (b) the fact that refugees from Africa, Syria etc continue to see the European countries as havens whether in or out of the EU? Immigration needs to be better managed but is not going to be stopped, short of surrounding Europe with barbed wire and machine guns

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