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Why does everyone assume that calls for a 2nd referendum are calls to run the same referendum for a 2nd time? That would be crazy...

I think the sensible people asking for another referendum are asking for one that really seeks to establish what people want. One problem with the last referendum was that it was a simple in/out decision but failed to capture what people wanted the future to look like, given that there are a million permutations of both in and out. Ever since, we've heard politicians spouting endlessly that "the British people voted for <blah>" when of course they can't possibly know, and nor can I, and nor can you.

I know it is difficult to capture nuance like that in a referendum, and it would probably require some kind of "list of outcomes in order of preference". But, as we've seen, it is also difficult for politicians to arrive at a consensus given the lack of concrete information about what people actually thought they were voting for.

By the way, when Brexiteers like Liam Fox dismiss a 2nd referendum by saying "people like me would then ask for best-of-3" he is being disingenuous. He knows that nobody seriously wants a repeat of the same referendum but chooses to speak as if that's what people are asking for because it's so easy to dismiss.

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