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industry practice?

I'm curious what the author of this article means by the following paragraph from the article (emphasis mine):

And even if there is a deal, it remains highly likely that .eu domains owned by UK citizens will be forcibly shuttered after Euro bureaucrats surprised everyone last year by announcing they would go against long-standing industry practice and actively remove .eu domains – and related websites – from the registry if they had been registered by UK citizens.

What is the scope of industry in industry practice?

Is it limited to the .eu domain industry, or are you referring to worldwide domain industry practice?

I ask because, if it is the latter, then that paragraph (and a later one that uses the same terminology) is incorrect. In an article last year when this specific kerfuffle was raised, it was pointed out in the comments section that many country TLDs have policies that require registrations to be either by citizens of or business directed to that country. And they have policies of removing registered domains if the relevance requirement (citizenship of or business directed to) is breached or no longer applicable.

Now, while it is a bastard act to change the existing policy to this new one, the terms of the newer policy are in no ways unique or unusual or do they go against worldwide standard domain industry practice.

I'd say that the standard industry practice is to allow TLD registrars to determine their own policies around eligibility criteria for registering domains in that TLD, including but not limited to nationality criteria.

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