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Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt

Dr Paul Taylor

Does anybody actually use a .eu ?

Yes, I do and I have every intention of keeping it, come what may.

Having the fourth most common English surname and what I think may have been the most popular boys' given name when I was born, I couldn't get a reasonable .uk domain name, so I went for .eu.

It wasn't a political statement in 2007, but now it is.

Fortunately I have friends and colleagues in proper European countries who are willing to re-register it for me.

Generally speaking I have fully supported what the EU side has been doing over brexit, but this is a piece of gratuitous nastiness. It doesn't seem to have occurred to the bureaucrats in question that British people with .eu domain names are likely to be pro-European and in no way responsible for this catastrophe.

Is someone (an ISP) organising a protest about this?

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