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Ever heard of the concept of due diligence?

What's that got to do with the US tradition of meritless legal actions and potentially punitive settlements?

I think most of use would agree that DXC is a basket case with a rubbish business model, and few of us will care when the company finally disappears (although 134,000 people might hold differing views), but this case isn't about the business model

And even whilst made out to be so, the case isn't about failure to disclose a material event to the stock market. All we're seeing here is simple opportunism by lawyers, hoping for a generous and undeserved settlement, either out of court or in. In any country with a decent legal system, the case would be thrown out - the management are the agents of the shareholders, and for better or worse have followed a declared strategy. If that doesn't work out, that's the shareholder's problem because investing in stocks is a risk based investment. If the shareholders want guaranteed returns and preservation of their investment, they should have invested in US government bonds, and suffered the miserable returns they afford.

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