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Why tu, Kay?

I'd done years of three years of Y2K testing for a Cisco kid, so nothing happened even though my moron mates thought the world was about to end or all IT folk were scammers.

On the night itself I was stuck in a Norwich B&B contracting for the only employer in Norwich. Nothing to do in the middle of nowhere. So I get on the last train to London, thinking if I can't be in Edinburgh or Amsterdam then I can at least see what London is like. It was the last train to Liverpool.

I now live in Edinburgh and I didn't venture out last night. It has become Disneyland. In the mid nineties it was the best Hogmanay anywhere. There were half a million people crushing the streets. Sex and drugs and imminent risk of death - fun! Now the streets are closed by police barricades, ticketed concerts for pap bands, a pastiche of its former glory.

I used to love fireworks. Now they are just air pollution for poor people.

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