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Bored IT manager automates Millennium Eve checks to ditch snoozing for boozing

tiggity Silver badge

Automating stuff can be useful.

Once worked at a place where we had to have social media presence, including dev team for some deranged reason.

so on code commits I had (using special delimiting tags) nice user friendly PR style description describing the new feature (if a bug fix did not use the tags) and outside those tags all the proper commit comments (links to feature / bug requests, any gotcha comments)

A bit of code that checked new commits, if any magic social media delimiter enclosed text was found, it posted to FB & Twatter describing the exciting new feature that was ready for testing and would soon be with customers in release "n" (release no the change was scheduled for was also tagged as one of our standard "fields" of a commit message)

We also automated sending of messages on significant dates e.g. Xmas etc.

Social media with no human involvement, best approach IMHO!

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