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I know this is old, but in case anyone reads this in future, the quoted statement is false.

No it isn't. It's not entirely accurate, but you're blanket dismissal wrong too.

Pistols were prohibited in 1997. Firearms crime rose through the mid-1990s and continued to rise unabated until 2004. The Acts of 1997 had zero effect - either way - on firearms crime.

After Operation Trident arrested the rise in organised criminal activity, firearms crime dipped, and fell for a decade until ~2013/14 when we started to see the effects of austerity in Policing efficacy. Since 2014, non-airgun firearms crime has been rising as much as 30% year-on-year in some areas.

The most popular firearms used in crime is a pistol (44%), proving that having a sesinsble regulatory and licensing regime makes a country safer (see: Europe vs. USA), but prohibiting actual firearm types achieves literally nothing (how can pistols be the most popular criminal firearm if there are none in circulation for theft or misuse?).

A comparison of Britain vs. Europe demonstrates that despite having the most stringent firearms legislation on the continent, we are absolutely no safer for it, having a homicide rate twice that of the the Czech Republic and comparable rates to Germany or France - who permit (for instance) the private ownership of pistols and semi-auto rifles for Olympic target shooting in approved clubs.

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