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I did notice at one of the "companies I once had an affiliation with decades ago", that a LOT of extra 30x15x30 cm clear acrylic blocks were being ordered for the 5-axis CNC systems along with LOTS of the super-fine polishing grit for the enclosed surface finisher machines which are like polishing-oriented sandblasters which can make plastic or glass PERFECTLY smooth!

I had heard on the grapevine that one of the junior-to-me "egghead" CAD/CAM specialists was rumoured to have made a financial killing off of the many young and old ladies and certain men in said company after it was found that production runs of certain objects of coital enhancement were made in-between the overnight client CNC runs.

In those days you had to use MULTIPLE FLOPPY DISKS (yes! real 1.2 megabyte floppy disks!) to upload a 3D model (pretty high resolution too!) to the internal memory of a CNC machine which then drives the acrylic-specific carving bits on the CNC machine. Someone then had to unload the finished blocks, use a bandsaw to cut off the base of the carving and glue the finished product to another plastic base for fine polishing in the sandlbaster-like polishing enclosure.

Since the machinery couldn't be be turned off for whatever mechanical reason since the factory was a 24/7/365 operation, in-between the client CNC machining runs, staff tended to run off their own projects in-between the custom client object CNC runs. They were supposed-to use the normally recycled material cut-offs but staff were allowed to do their own projects so as to "increase" their CAD/CAM/CNC experience for the company benefit.

Evidently, some staff took this project freedom to new lengths by making custom 3D-modelled body-extremis objects which I was told came directly from a 3D scan (which was EXPENSIVE to do in those days!) of a rather well-known and very much objectified-by-the-ladies staff member who was said to resemble Adonis.

The CAD/CAM/CNC expert was able to make enough money over a few years that he bought a NEW Land Rover Defender! He left the company after almost a decade to open his own CAD/CAM/CNC shop and senior staff were never the wiser (or they chose to turn a deliberate blind eye to the shenanigans!) I had already left by then on other contracts but I did hear through further anecdotes that the said egghead was well regarded for his CAD/CAM/CNC modelling/carving expertise! I always did wonder if the ORIGINAL 3D model was ever properly compensated (i.e. financially or otherwise!) for the 3D reproduction of his well-known "wares"!


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