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What do you Want? A Future Soft Armageddon or Hard Apocalypse Now? It's make up your mind time

I often wonder if the world has reached the brink of insanity amFM, and over the Xmas period wholly considered whether there was any actual future at all, or whether an abrupt end may be the almighty way forward. ... Cliff Thorburn

How about fighting fire with fire, CT, and dousing insanity with a tailored madness and mayhem to render an almighty way forward in CHAOS with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems.

amanfromMars [1812271713] .... beta testing hot spot springs on

Perhaps AIDisturbance Spot Markets Pimping and Pumping Advanced IntelAIgent Systems are the Opportunity to Seize and Sequester ...... A Question for Mullers and Mullahs Alike re Future Years in Play .... if Crashing and Crushing Capital Base Markets in The Older Way of Doing Great Things with Sublime Orders to Nth Degrees?

Certainly not doing anything new or very little different in the future is going to change nothing in the present so that the past and its cronies can reap the whirlwind and milk the cash cow ..... but that only remains the status quo position whenever in absolute practical command and remote virtual control of hearts and minds capturing narratives .... and that is certainly made no easy great task nowadays with so much greater intelligence available to look into and out the tales which mass mainstream multi-media moguls sell as news, both fake or otherwise, to server to arrogant puppet state investors and ignorant muppet hordes alike.

It is not as if it is too difficult to do easily with all of this new fangled and entangled virtual technology at our fingertips.

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