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Whatever Happened to WAP?

@A.P. Veening; Weeellll... if you want to be pedantic, the article says this happened "back in the late '90s", and both the first WAP phone and site came out in late 1999.

So it's technically possible they could have been browsing smutty Internet web sites (well, WAP sites anyway) in "glorious" (cough) WAP text.

But now that I think of it, they wouldn't have been doing so through their employer's WiFi- if they'd had WiFi at all, which they probably didn't back then, so that torpedoes my smartassery.

As does the fact I don't think anyone ever actually used WAP when they realised that "the Internet on your phone" back then was less "Hackers"-style zooming through cyberspace and more being limited to a paltry number of specially-designed WAP sites you read through five lines at a time and attempted to navigate via an SMS-style numeric keypad while you paid through the nose for a per-minute connection.

You're right- that would have been pretty hard. And unpleasant. And unlikely.

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