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Re: @AC "wouldn't be common freakin' sense to not surf dodgy websites at work?"

As early as the early 1980s, Internet bandwidth getting maxed out always meant porn. Back then it was bunnies on USENET and open FTP servers. Prior to that, Fidonet and other BBSes had the same problem. Indeed, a case could be made that it was porn, and not gaming or gambling, that drove connectivity.

I know for an absolute fact that EVERY male college student's computer that I've worked on over the last 35 years or so has contained traces of porn. The coeds didn't start picking up on Internet porn in college until around a 20 years ago ... and now, they are equal to the boys.

In business, over the last quarter century or so, probably 80% (or thereabouts) of all male middle management PCs contain traces of Internet porn (in my experience). The ladies started surfing porn around 15 years ago, and are now (roughly) equal to the men. Obviously, those stats are in companies without cluefull network administration.

Not trying to justify it, nor vilify it, and likewise not drawing conclusions, just stating my observations. Do with them what you will.

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