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They tend to...

That's a reasonable case for it not being people motivated by "eco" who've done direct actions before. There's other supporting evidence: the apparent professionalism, the lack of any PR (no point pulling apublicity stunt if you don;'t get publicity for your cause), and so on and so forth.

Terrorists "tended to" hijack planes, until they didn't.

Suicide bombing is (in the developed world. for practical purposes) a novel attack from the last 20 years.

The consensus about global warming has become much clearer and the consequences much better understood in the last 20 years, it's had far more publicity than it had in the last century, and the "Extinction Rebellion" lot are a new thing.

Digital communication and information technologies have radically changes the tools that lone nutters or small tight groups without big resources have to call on.

And so on and so forth.

However neither of the above mean the attackers /can't/ be motivated by The Ecos. I agree it looks unlikely.

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