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London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found

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I am struck that the reasoning that is in a lot of these notes: "Criminals and terrorists will just ignore any restrictions, so the only impact will be on law-abiding citizens who already follow the existing rules." is the EXACT same reasoning that gun control proponents use in the U.S. THE EXACT WORDING. And they are right for the same reason. But that won't matter to anyone , eventually, because enough bad guys WILL cause problems that they are willing to screw the good guys as well. "The technology is already out there" is the same argument as "they guns are already out there". Listen to the lot of you, and I can literally take "drone" and substitute "gun" and find a thousand quotes that are exactly the same. I am not going to make a judgement... just an obvious observation. I leave it to the reader to see that to a huge and growing number of people, guns and drones are essentially "arms", and no one should have them for all of the same reasons. And you all have brought that point home by reading these comments.

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