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London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found


Incompetance vs Malice

There probably was a drone. A 500g consumer drone flying near the boundary. Which could do no serious harm to an airliner. Might possibly scratch the paint.

That is the big question. How big were these supposed threats? If they were > 10 kg military style things then the threat would be real. And we would see photos.

But I doubt that very much. The media is incapable of understanding numbers. So the 500g drone taking down an airliner makes perfect sense if you do not think about it much and just repeat a hyped up story.

Then the powers that be bloat up the story to increase their own importance. And to introduce draconian regulations that suit their authoritarian views.

Just like the idea that terrorists can make airliners blow up using a pocket knife or some magic liquid. Nonsense that is just never questioned.

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