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@RancidRodent I'd be more than surprised if a 9mm hollow point fired at a 70 degree angle from a sub machine gun/pistol could make it much further than a kilometre.

The accepted maximum range of a 9mm bullet fired from a handgun is 2300m. Fired from something with a longer barrel, it would be a bit more. Range does depend on bullet weight, but hollow points tend to be about the same weight (and aerodynamics) as solids to make the ballistics about the same as solid bullets. Range also depends on muzzle velocity, which for typical 9mm cartridges will peak at about a 16 inch barrel, yielding a velocity increase of about 30% over a handgun's 4 inch barrel. That would give a max range of around 2990m. So are there any unprotected people within 3km of Gatwick?

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