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London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found


Anyone see the drones ? Anyone at all ?

The only drones I've seen are the MSM swallowing this nonsense hook line and sinker. Cue some ultra restrictive anti-drone regulations/licensing designed to employ more big government pen-pushers and deprive the taxpayer of even more of their hard-earned to follow a hobby - meanwhile, the baddies will carry on doing exactly as they please - coz guess what? Criminals don't abide by the law! Whodathunkit?

What this government-orchestrated hoax will do, is inspire copy-cat events after we've witnessed the devastating disruption that can be caused by an imaginary drone incursion. Just got to find a mentally ill person with a subscription to Drones Weekly to pin it on now - even better it some "right wing" angle can be construed.

You can hear the drone of an over-worked shredder near you churning through another batch of dodgy MPs' expense claims, move along, nothing to see here - LOOK! A DRONE!

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