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Fire and forget ...?

It would seem to be possible to program a drone to fly for a short interval and then land in an obscure resting place and wait for a quasi-random interval on the order of hours before repeating the foray. How long would the battery last for 5 minute flights every four hours, I wonder?

It would also seem to be possible that an individual infuriated by the idea of folk flying half way round the world for a holiday might decide to discourage said folk for the future. He might even be smart enough to see that not getting caught would achieve his aim best, and also allow him to do it again some time.

He would not need to retrieve his drone from the hornets' nest of activity he has caused, as long as he had been careful not to let it be traceable back to him or his organisation. It could be left on a flat roof, or in an abandoned pigsty, or wherever else he had chosen for its resting-place. It could be a 'fire and forget' operation. Makes it a lot easier to establish a good alibi.

I'm sure that there must be a flaw in this argument, but I can't just now see it. Nor can I see any very convincing counter-measure, short of jamming GPS locally whenever a drone is detected. Which might be possible, but not without undesired consequences.

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