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Suunto settles scary scuba screwup for $50m: 'Faulty' dive computer hardware and software put explorers in peril

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AND just for your sake I would say one of the BEST dive computers out there is the:

Petrel-2 from Shearwater:

base version:

Petrel 2 with Fischer connection system:

The Petrel 2 with or without the Fischer connection system for rebreather integration. You're looking at about $1075 CAD (650 Euros) for the base Petrel-2 model and going past $1500 CAD (1200 Euros) for all the added options. They are a Richmond, British Columbia, Canada company (30 minute away from my home!) so they ABSOLUTELY KNOW ALL ABOUT cold-water and deep-water diving for recreational and technical/commercial/rebreather applications!

AND if you REALLY want to have some diving fun, go up into the British Columbia Coast Mountain Ranges and do high altitude Glacier Lake diving to see the very interesting rock and ice formations...Some of these lakes are as much as 350 feet deep! (110 m), SO DO REMEMBER to take your altitude into account on your dive plan decompression stops. The waters are UTTERLY CRYSTAL CLEAR and you can dive right into ice caves and find some old Woolly Mammoth or Sabre-took tiger bones still preserved after 20,000 years or find these weird glowing rocks all about you making it look like a Christmas lights display!

Try these deep glacier and mountain fed lakes in British Columbia.

The underwater rock formations are utterly spectacular and the water is ESPECIALLY CRYSTAL CLEAR in Winter! Get a good Dry Suit though!

AND for normal coastal saltwater diving try these:

Top 5 cold water diving locations near Campbell River BC:

You do NEED to be prepared for these waters! They are CLEAR but VERY COLD -- Dry Suits are pretty much a MUST and In my opinion Fall/Winter from October to Marh to is BEST time of the year to go diving!

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