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"...Yes there are advantages to them but they do come with potentially increased risks and divers using them also put themselves in riskier situations but in the diving community there has always been that certain element who do appear to have a death wish..."

Ignoring the second-hand market, you cannot buy a rebreather unless you are trained and qualified on that model and can prove it. In many cases you can't even buy spare parts.

I see divers do silly things all the time - from diving twinsets without being trained on them and having no idea how to do a shutdown, or being trained to do decompression diving, to rebreather divers diving with no open circuit bailout of any kind, to divers diving beyond their training - into overhead environments (it's only a wreck's not like a cave, right?), below the MOD of the gas they're on, diving with out-of-test kit (although good luck getting a fill on out-of-test cylinders) etc etc etc

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