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Watches are very rarely as waterproof as they say. There is a massive amount of fiddle room when it comes to exactly HOW water tight they are.

Computers give you essentially:


Dive time elapsed

Time until you need to make decompression stops.

If in decompression. What stops you need to make to offgas.

In my case my computer also shows, via a little wireless transmitter, the remaining contents in my tank.

Essentially.... It is telling you how to not die.

Now, I actually had a problem with a different brand.

With these computers they tend to decide your battery life is not allowed to go below 55%. After that the unit shuts down.

On a dive a few years ago I had the unit suddenly start displaying very odd content readings. 180bar suddenly dropped to 130 then 45 then back to 150 and the unit locked up. Dive aborted after 5 minutes.

I now have a seperate contents gauge as well.

However, you still need time and depth as well.

Especially in a cave in Mexico.

Safe diving all..


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