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Totally agree. I remember saying that I thought wireless charging was useless and some people said I was only saying that because I was an iPhone user and was excusing Apple being behind Android on that front. Others said wireless charging was a niche then only because it hadn't reached critical mass, but once Apple went all in and sold 200 million wireless charging capable phones in a year the market would explode.

Well, Apple is selling those 200 million wireless charging capable phones a year now, but I still think it is useless and it still hasn't taken off. Clearly it isn't a market that was waiting for critical mass of phones to increase adoption. The only place where I think wireless charging makes sense is mousepads, so you'd never need to recharge your wireless mouse. One designed to sit under a laptop and keep it charged while you use it wouldn't be bad either (be nice to build into cubicle desks in an office)

Having a mat next to your bed might sound more convenient than fumbling for the cable in the dark, but if there's any waste heat your cat will claim the spot and push your phone off onto the ground during the night, eventually cracking the glass back!

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