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Huawei exec out of jail, just as US accuses China of Marriott hack



Surprised and disappointed that no media outlet has dug deeper into all of these cases and just lashed out at Canada for being America's lap dog (they aren't) and support Meng for being an innocent pawn of international relations (she isn't).

Meng was arrested on charges related to defrauding the US financial system in order to evade sanctions.

Canada has done the right thing - international law cannot be based on whether or not some action will piss off a superpower in the middle of X or Y important deal.

Meng has had full access to family, lawyers, consular support and fair hearings - none of which is afforded to foreign citizens or Chinese nationals arrested in China for even petty crimes. China's media has pushed the angle that Canada or the US have not given full details of the charges, but this is actually because Meng's lawyers applied for a gagging order which has been respected.

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