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Telcos enlist Google, Amazon to help protect Europe's data from Big Tech

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They have no choice

The telcos presently have zero choice in the matter whatsoever. Why shoot the fish in a barrel by mocking them that they bravely speak about their role and then ask GAFA if they like it with coffee or ice cubes?

What GAFA (+/- M) has is R&D.

Telcos killed their own. The sorry remains which dwell in the detention facilities on the Bretagne and Suffolk coasts can no longer generate anything of value. Not that they could 20 years ago. The rot there started as far back as 40 years back around the time the afore mentioned facilities were established.

As a result Telcos can look only as far as they can purchase. They can talk the talk, but they cannot R&D the walk, especially to the required SCALE. The can only shop it at which point the only ones which can offer them a solution which SCALES to their requirements are GAFA +/-M.

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