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Equifax how-it-was-mega-hacked damning dossier lands, in all of its infuriating glory


From my distant memories when I used to work: I saw a lot of new computer and science technology coming in and easily understood it. I saw old technology managers deliberately plan to stop young, pain in the rear, types like me. I would be discredited, behind my back, at every opportunity such that I would never be promoted and as such senior managers would never get to hear of what I was doing. This tactic prevented middle managers loosing their jobs or having to learn new things to keep up to date.Of course. It all collapsed soon enough but a fine company is now just a memory. Latterly I worked with a company who knew they had to have A1 security for many real, real security reasons. Their techies got on with it and did it well.

(I have heard it said that I have a persecution complex!! It is difficult to disagree.)

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