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I did exactly the same thing!

During my first proper job (mainframe assembler programmer - ah the joys of running the 3270 terminal emulator on IBM PS/2 50z machines connected to a 4mb token-ring..) I got bored a lot. One day, I discovered the joy of MD-DOS system calls and a freeware DOS assembler..

We used OS/2 LAN Server as our network management and so had a whole heap of print and file servers scattered around the building, none of which had any security at all.

Then one day, I didcovered the network enumeration API.. one broadcast storm later (and a PC that I hurredly switched off to stop said storm), I had a complete list of all the file servers.

I amended my code and (overnight) ran it again and ended up with a complete list of all the files on all the servers - most of which had been put there by staff and were unknown to the Powers That Be (and, in quite a few occasions, that was probably just as well - even if in the mid-90's, the porn was pretty low-res..).

There were quite a few games though, all of which I copied onto floppies and took home.

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