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College PRIMOS prankster wreaks havoc with sysadmin manuals

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Ah yes the memories of EcoNet come flooding back, the joys of A-level comp-sci in the 80s...

My teacher foolishly let me borrow a copy of the manual, at which point I of course duly wrote my own versions of all the priviledged commands which worked surprisingly well. I think it may have been a rite of passage thing anyway towards earning system privs, which I ended up with later on (the project I was working on conveniently needed them).

That said when I did get such privs of course the first thing at least two of my peers (who hated one another) asked was for me to give them the password of the other one (so that they could "have some fun" with the content of the accounts). So I of course duly obliged, by swapping the passwords over so they each had the password of the others account but no longer of their own. To say the resulting Mexican stand-off was quite interesting when they realised they'd got just what they asked for, but not what they actually wanted.

Even the teacher enjoyed that one, with a stern wagging of finger at me before promptly cracking up laughing and complimenting me on an interesting way of coping with the request and dealing with the two of them.

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