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College PRIMOS prankster wreaks havoc with sysadmin manuals

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@gw0udm Oh, that’s hilarious. Soon as I read your original post I thought “oh, that sounds just like my school experience.”

What are the odds?

I remember the 6502 co-processor (the “tube”) that was on the BBC B in the corner of the room. It was a file-server, so it had been upgraded - TWO 5.25” disk drives, the tube, and ISTR there was a Teletext decoder there too but I might be mistaken.

I was there between 1985 (Removes) and 1992 (Upper Sixth). I have fond memories of the place. There were some good teachers there. I recall with particular fondness Mrs Flitcroft the formidable French mistress & the awesome English masters Mr Philpott & Mr Nelson - it sounds corny, but they were dedicated, committed, and really inspired me, so thanks all of you, wherever you are now.

I went back to the old place a couple of months ago when I was in England on business. Didn’t go in but drove around the car-park (and am probably logged on CCTV as a suspicious lurker, as a result). A lot’s changed. Can’t cross the same river twice, and all that.

Still hated the mandatory end-of-term cathedral services, though. Two hours on a cold stone (and stone-cold, ahaha) pew? No thanks.

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