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Bigger "balls" than you!

If Mr Assange had done nothing more than make comments on an I.T website then he wouldn't have ended up in his current situation,which makes me suspect that this thread has magnetized a shitload of "good Germans"still feeling a bit raw at the collapse of a convenient tyranny excercised by one Mr Hitler 75 years ago,denial,the gift that just keeps "giving".I wonder what Lester would have thought eh? But then Lester was also a "doer" not merely a"sayer".Interesting that many wish to discuss the English language,rather than human rights.The up/down vote facility stimulates one of the least appealing aspects of human nature,if you don't know which one then perhaps use a mirror and have some tissue at hand or perhaps one round in a bolt gun.To the people who now administer El Reg,perhaps you could put it to the vote or,um,have a referendum...ho ho ho.

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