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College PRIMOS prankster wreaks havoc with sysadmin manuals

David 132 Silver badge

Aaaah, that brings back memories. My school had a lab of about 20 Beebs - mostly Bs, but with a handful of Master 128Ks towards the end of my time there. All were linked over Econet. There was a “hacking toolkit” (ahem) that the cool kids got a copy of (and me, somehow. I was never one of the cool kids.)

As I recall, it was called “The Gremlin”, and had all the features mentioned above. Crash another machine, send text to the screen/keyboard buffer, capture a copy of the remote screen - much fun for kids whose sense of ethics and diligence was, uh, still forming.

I also recall having great fun making wiggly patterns on the Microvitec Cub monitors with a large horseshoe magnet. Mr Higgins the computing teacher, if you’re reading this, consider this a very belated apology...

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