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Fatal Futil and inter-school rivalry

I was a young nerd in the very late 70s and had managed to get myself access to the hallowed computer room at my school. This had a real TTY terminal that connected us the PRIMOS machine at a relatively local university. The university hosted logins from a number of schools, each identified by accounts like SCH008 (which was our login). A rival school in the same town had the account SCH007 and they would broadcast brags to us about how much cooler they were, frequently related to a License to Kill.

One of the super nerds at my school, a chap a year or two older than me, somehow managed to get hold of a useful commands list and found that the FATAL FUTIL command let him mess with other user's processes (I don't remember the detail).

However, the upshot was that it was SCH008 that gained an effective License to Kill, by way of terminated processes.

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