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They offered him a deal where he won't face the music in the US and he STILL won't leave

To be fair, and I prefix this by pointing out he's guilty as hell, he's been assured he won't be extradited to a country where he'll be executed. Two problems with this - firstly it would be illegal to extradite him to the US (not to mention a PR shitshow) if he faced execution. Second point is he doesn't face execution for what he's on the hook for.

The problem Assange has is Mueller is about to indict him for being ground zero in the whole Russia gets Trump elected thing, and there's an entire political class in the US (and outside it) who are going to have very serious problems with cognitive dissonance over it. When that happens Ecuador isn't going to have much choice but to throw him out on the street, the US will suddenly start giving a damn and the amount of pressure the US will bring to bear on them will make it impossible to resist. That will confuse a bunch of folks because they think that either the UK or US give a damn now, when in fact he's basically imprisoned himself, he's quarantined.

I have good news for Assange though - if he knows anything and isn't just a Russian patsy then he has a get out of jail free card he can play although I strongly suspect he doesn't in which case oh dear.

Oh: and by the way, double down and double up mean different things.

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