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Absolutely right, Notes is super in the right hands. It gave me a very long career beginning about 1992, good pay, and a nice retirement from IBM in 2009.

More than once, next to a consultant who boasted about his ability with Notes, I asked if they took any courses, were certified. Way too many said no and insisted they did not need it. Just ask in interviewing someone to explain Notes security. You will quickly find the people who are truly clueless, on something so basic. People see how to do a few simple things and think they know Notes, but no way, it offers so much more.

I worked at a huge bank in NYC. IBM sent experts to present the Lotus desktop apps and could make a deal to entice the bank to switch from MS ro Lotus products. But the bank said no because they did not want the time and expense to train everyone, who were comfortable with MS. Lotus/IBM had the better products that also integrated with Notes apps and email, but they could not market them.

Likewise those of us who attended Lotusphere - and later the IBM Lotus forums in Boston for IBMers (which I attended when I joined IBM) - had the impossible job of trying to explain to management and other non-attendees what Lotus presented. Again, a problem with education and marketing to those outside the Lotus products. Yet, I know the apps and systems turned out by those who really do know Notes development were outstanding. Very quick to develop, easy to clone code, impressive complex systems that can expand with other languages, and no problem in support.

And other technologies never did get the coveted replication into their apps. A win for Lotus that lasted.

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