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I'm not sure what the fuss is about

I think the fuss is about the limitations of phrasal recognition in translation without context sensitivity, which is a long standing issue.

Many languages - Germanic, Romance, Slavic - in the West are highly gendered. Some languages are not.

Take a language with non-gendered pronouns. Faced with the sentences equivalent to "This is Susan. It is a doctor", a human translator has no problem. She knows Susan is female, and so can translate into English as "This is Susan. She is a doctor." But a phrasal automatic translator will result in, given the usual statistical bias, "This is Susan. He is a doctor." Because it doesn't remember context from one clause to another.

A reverse example would be to take the sentence (transliterated Russian) "Vot Dima. Ona sobaka." Now sobaka is the common word for a dog in Russian and is feminine in grammar. "Dima" has a feminine ending. So a translation engine is likely to come up with "Here is Dima. She is a dog." In fact, "Dima" is a masculine nickname - as a human translator will know - and the correct translation is "Here is Dima. He is a dog."

Translation is as you say not an exact science. But humans are very sensitive to words even without taking modern sensibilities into account, and they would consider the misgendering a poor translation.And laugh at the stupid mistake.

Google Translate does a reasonably good job between related languages but that is actually less of a challenge - where it would be most useful is between unrelated languages. And it's issues like these that will take the most effort to iron out.

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