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Re: He should hug off and mind his own business

It's called creating a precedent.

Allow some shit move like this to pass 'oh, but it's so innocuous, such a minor change' and you'll find it harder to stop the next 'innocuous' change, once they've got a couple of them under their belt, the 'not quite innocuous' changes start piling up and you'll find it hard to block them.

(Not that I've seen this sort of scenario being played out by a clique within an organisation before, you understand [Greenock - early 70's, Dundee - early 80's, London - mid-90's])

I've said this before here and in other places, I'm getting increasingly twitchy about the way Linux is heading, systemd and the attendant nonsense surrounding it I can avoid, ignore and work around, but finding out that a Kernel developer seriously submitted this as a patch is another indicator to me that there's something foul afoot there, considering this follows the recent drama surrounding Linus, you'd almost swear that it was a deliberately provocative weasel move..

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