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He missed much more

After some debate, Sakkinen acknowledged that, as a Finn

Most of that swearing including that particular comment in the Sun source is by DaveM and it has a twist added to it. No matter how much you scrub the data, the METADATA in the kernel mailing list headers, git history, etc remains. If you can read/speak any of the major slavic languages (*) the email addresses, hosts, etc from which the code originated make for a very interesting reading. But he probably can't grok that. Bless him.

It is an interesting question: "Why DaveM and several other major Linux developers have the habit of naming some of their machines using words which are not used in polite company in Eastern Europe?" No idea what's the answer. Something which El Reg can ask one day perhaps.

All Slavic except Bulgarian and Macedonian use the same C word and that word is present quite prominently on the metadata side of the Linux kernel history.

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