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When selling security awareness training by email, probably a good shout not to hit 'reply all'

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Re: non BCC - the gift that keeps on giving

I wouldn't call KnowBe4 "a security snakeoil company". While they're heavy on the self-promotion (but then you can unsubscribe), they provide a reasonably competent version of a couple of useful services: phish testing and employee email-security training. Those do seem to be productive, and contracting with a vendor like KB4 is generally cheaper and less hassle than developing them in-house.

It's not like KB4 are peddling magic encryption or the like.

And while this incident provides a rich vein of schadenfreude, it doesn't really reflect on the quality of KB4's offerings. For one thing, Reply-All misuse isn't one of the main vectors their training targets, as far as I remember; and for another, they don't promise they can train all your employees to perfection, so it's not reasonable to expect perfection from theirs, either.

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