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A rumble in Amazon's jungle: AWS now rents out homegrown 64-bit Arm server processors

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> The world needs competition to Intel for over 15 years now.

There has been a resurgence of rumours of Apple moving to ARM too.

Apple have done this twice before: Motorola to PPC, and PPC to Intel. Of course, you are best placed to do this if you own the OS and have good influence over the application ecosystem.

I don't see Dell and HP pushing ARM while they are so reliant on Microsoft; and all Microsoft's ARM products to date have been so awful, you'd think they did it on purpose just to keep Intel happy.

But Apple could tip it. Once people are happy with ARM on a laptop, an ARM Mac Mini could be the breakthrough into desktop and/or small server environments.

The other big selling point ARM have is the trustworthiness (of lack of it) in Intel chips.

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